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    NYB: Gaining Opportunities through Pony Club

    After living and riding in the Midwest for 22 years, teaching riding lessons at the base of a mountain was not something I experienced every day. Nevertheless, that’s where I found myself in the Summer of 2019. A Pony Club member from my home club, Sharlee Lowe, had been teaching at a Pony Club summer camp in Washington for the past few years—originally through the Visiting Instructor Program—and the club had grown so much in size that it needed another instructor. After a recommendation from Sharlee and some emails with the organizer, I was on a plane to Seattle with my helmet and paddock boots in tow.

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    NYB: Finding the Silver Lining

    The first time I had taken a national certification I was 12 years old. It rained the entire weekend and made the arenas a sloppy mess. There were 13 C3 candidates and none of them passed. At that age I had never really experienced this type of failure.

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    NYB: My Pony Club Pride

    What does it mean to be Pony Club Proud? Well… Here’s what it means to me. I have been part of the USPC for 13 years, competed in 7 championship years, earned two bronze and one silver medal alongside my teammates in those years, and have made so many friends and relationships during my time in Pony Club.

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    NYB: Reasons to take the H-A/H-HM Testing

    Written by Elizabeth Larson Since the start of the new year is often when we make decisions about our goals for the year, I want to encourage you to include the H-A/H-HM test as one of your ambitions! Here a few of many reasons to take your H-A/H-HM this coming year. I completed this test three years ago during my first semester of college. You got this! You already have teaching experience. To the best of my knowledge, the teaching, longing and bandaging are some of the most commonly-failed sections of the H-A test. Since the longing and bandaging are objectively easier skills to sharpen months leading up to the…

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    NYB: Visiting Instructor Program

    Written by Alex McKinley The Visiting Instructor program is an amazing opportunity offered through Pony Club that is often not known or taken advantage of. I have had many amazing experiences in the program that I would love to share, as well as how to get involved. I first got involved in 2017. Although this year was much different and I did not get to go to any camps this year, I was still able to stay involved by teaching more in my region and continuing to be an examiner. Since I first got involved, I was able to travel to many different regions to share my knowledge with other…

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