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    NYB: Reasons to take the H-A/H-HM Testing

    Written by Elizabeth Larson Since the start of the new year is often when we make decisions about our goals for the year, I want to encourage you to include the H-A/H-HM test as one of your ambitions! Here a few of many reasons to take your H-A/H-HM this coming year. I completed this test three years ago during my first semester of college. You got this! You already have teaching experience. To the best of my knowledge, the teaching, longing and bandaging are some of the most commonly-failed sections of the H-A test. Since the longing and bandaging are objectively easier skills to sharpen months leading up to the…

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    NYB: Visiting Instructor Program

    Written by Alex McKinley The Visiting Instructor program is an amazing opportunity offered through Pony Club that is often not known or taken advantage of. I have had many amazing experiences in the program that I would love to share, as well as how to get involved. I first got involved in 2017. Although this year was much different and I did not get to go to any camps this year, I was still able to stay involved by teaching more in my region and continuing to be an examiner. Since I first got involved, I was able to travel to many different regions to share my knowledge with other…

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    Pony Club Alumnus Spotlight: Kat Drake

    Written by NYB Member Elizabeth Larson Horsemanship and sportsmanship are central to the Pony Club experience. To build these skills, you’ll also develop time management, communication and professionalism. You’ll find these skills handy throughout your adult life! Today I want to introduce you to Kat Drake, a 2018 Academy of Achievement inductee. She is a graduate H from the Portola Valley Pony Club who now serves as the head of computational biology at Verily Life Sciences. “I’ve had a few conversations recently in my professional biotech career about how to develop someone into a leader — the consensus has been “it’s really hard,” but I’ve also received feedback such as…

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    Regional Youth Board Spotlight: Great Lakes Region

    The Junior Leadership Council of the Great Lakes Region is currently composed of members ranging from the unrated level to the HA level. The JLC aims to increase communication between the Regional Board and its members, while providing member insight and bringing forward new ideas for future GLR activities. The JLC and Regional board benefit from their biannual meetings, where they discuss regional and club events which allows for feedback to the Regional Board directly from the members.

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    The Challenge of a Catch Ride

    Pony Club teaches us many things; things like, how to tighten a girth, wrap a standing bandage, or sit in a basic, balanced position. Pony Club shapes us to become better riders, better friends, and better sportsmen and horsemen. Pony Club gives us the foundation to become amazing instructors, teachers, and trainers. And Pony Club most of all sets us up for immense success as riders.

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