The Pony Club Podcast

Official Podcast of the United States Pony Clubs, Inc. Hosted by the USPC Marketing Department, current hosts include Sarah Evers Conrad and Megan Scharfenberg. The United States Pony Clubs, Inc. is an educational organization which builds the foundations of teamwork and sportsmanship through riding, mounted sports, and care of horses and ponies, while developing and enhancing leadership, confidence, responsibility, and a sense of community in its youth and adult members. 

Pony Club Podcast #13 - Aliina Keers and Kiera O'Connor-Reichert and Debbie Reichert
Mongol Derby-Riding Pony Club Member Aliina Keers and 12-Year-Old Keira O’Connor-Reichert About Pony Club

Pony Club Podcast cohosts Sarah Evers Conrad and Megan Scharfenberg interview Pony Club life member Aliina Keers, who rode in last year’s Mongol Derby, and talk with 12-year-old Keira O’Connor-Reichert and her mom, Debbie, about her eventing adventures with her ponies and about going viral on social media. This month’s e…

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Design containing information for the Pony Club podcast episode #12
Grooming Expert Cat Hill and Julia Magsam, one of the stars of the USPC Documentary

Pony Club Podcast cohosts Sarah Evers Conrad and Megan Scharfenberg interview grooming expert Cat Hill, the cofounder and former DC of Finger Lakes Pony Club. After that interview, be inspired by Julia Magsam's journey as a youth through Pony Club. This month's episode is brought to you by Delaware Valley University. 

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A promotional design for the Pony Club Podcast episode #11
Alyssa Sands, Pony Club Alum, Horse Management Judge, and National Office Staff

Listen to the new Pony Club Podcast cohosts, Sarah Evers Conrad (USPC Marketing and Communications Director) and Megan Scharfenberg (USPC Marketing and Instruction Coordinator) interview Alyssa Sands, who describes herself as a "horse nerd," with an emphasis on the "nerd." From not-so-great hunter princess, to USPC member, and now USPC Sy…

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