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    NYB: My 2021 USPC Championships Experience

    My name is Hannah Willford, I am a C-2 Eventing from the Great Lakes Region. My experience at the 2021 Pony Club Championships has given me long lasting memories, life lessons, and amazing friends. I’m sure everyone has something different to say about what their week looked like, but here’s a little insight on mine.  Monday was move in day.  The main goal was getting everything set up exactly how we wanted and meeting teammates for the week. When unloading, we had a plan to get everything out of our trailer quickly and set our stall up after parking the trailer. I also made sure to do my final tack…

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    NYB: Staying Active in Pony Club Throughout College

    Growing up as a very active member of Pony Club, I often wondered how I could stay involved within the organization once I went to college. Before I graduated high school I participated in every rally, clinic, and certification that I could, and I worried that I would not be able to remain active in the community. Although it seemed daunting at the time, there were several opportunities that allowed me to participate in Pony Club events all through my college years.  The easiest way I found to stay involved within Pony Club was to volunteer at my region’s rallies, clinics, and certification preps. I was able to learn a…

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    NYB: How My Continued Participation in USPC Lead to Further Opportunity

    By: Jessica Flores Although I had taken a couple of years off from competitive riding due to being away at college, I still stayed active in the USPC thanks to the amazing opportunity to serve on the NYB as well as prepare for and take HM based certifications. This summer though, I also had the opportunity to work at a barn with an eventing trainer in my area when I came home. At first I was slightly unsure of what to expect and if I would live up to the standards and expectations of the training barn due to having time off from certain more interactive horse activities, but due…

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    NYB: Pony Club: A Village of Support

    By Rachel Rozenboom  Why Pony Club? I’ve come to realize that it isn’t just the sheer amount of knowledge and skills that one learns, it is the community that is created when you surround yourselves with like-minded, supportive individuals. Don’t get me wrong, there will always be the small scuffles and tidbits of drama that surround anything anyone ever does, but I’ve recently learned that it is so much more than the small negatives that surround any sport. Rather, the sheer number of members who all want to see one another succeed is what makes this organization so strong and impactful. I’m here to tell you about my most recent…

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    NYB: DNMS: Taking Winning and Losing in Stride 

    By John P. Filer Growing up deeply involved in Pony Club I’ve always had the goal of achieving my A. Every young kid hungry for opportunity knows the feeling of pushing for some far out goal. The trouble is that most don’t push past the point of failure. Nobody wants to fail, but sometimes failing is the best way to succeed.  In 2017 I moved up to intermediate with my horse Glitteratti, he was a more than capable partner and we had a successful move up. The following winter it only seemed logical that the time had come to grab that intangible gold medal of an A certificate. As most…

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    NYB: 2021 Service Project Recap

    A year after COVID halted all Pony Club activities, our members came out stronger than ever for their debut at the Kentucky Horse Park.  It was a fantastic event brought together by wonderful and dedicated people in our Pony Club staff.  Alongside these amazing people, the National Youth Board dedicated their efforts to bring forth  “The Service Project” this year at USPC Championships. 

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