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    Championships East is Almost Here!

    Look out! From July 22nd to the 26th The Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, VA will be invaded by USPC Championships East. Disciplines include: Eventing, Tetrathlon, Show Jumping, Quiz, Games, Polocrosse, and Dressage (including Western Dressage). The entries are already opened, but don’t miss out, the closing date is MONDAY July 6th at NOON EST. Get your entries in today! Awesome CHMJ, Board Member, and Crazy Sock aficionado, Yvette Seger, did a fabulous webinar regarding Championships East. It can be viewed at this link! There is lots to see and do in Lexington, Virginia including; Natural Bridge, a ghost tour of Lexington, golf, many historic attrations, and the Zoo. For…

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    Pony Club Games- A Primer

    We already know the history of the mounted games, as seen on the Pony Club Pizza HERE. Readers have asked for a description and explanation of some of the games that are so enjoyed by Pony Club members of all ages. Games provide a great way to improve balance, coordination, teamwork, and horsemanship. They require athletic ability, instinctive skills, and teach hand-eye coordination. Under Pony Club rules there are weight limits for the height of ponies, but games can be played by both youth and adults, as height for the rider isn’t a requirement. Each team consists of four members to ride each relay once. Follow us as we explain…

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    Warming Up the Older Horse

    When getting your horse ready for a show you do conditioning work. You have regular flat days, jumping days, bath days, and rest days. You also have a plan on how to warm your horse up at shows. If it is a new horse to you, you create a new plan. If it is a seasoned competitor, you know the horse has a set routine. The best idea is trial and error. Whatever works for you, may not necessarily be the best for your horse, and vice-versa. Each horse is different. Factors to take into consideration include age, temperament, difficulty level, and discipline. Today we will focus on some ideas…

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    Hot Topic: Arm bands vs. Bracelets

    Indeed a hot topic, which will you choose? Armband or Bracelet? As we all know the United States Eventing Association (– USEA) is allowing members to choose, well now Pony Club members can as well. We are going to go over the pros and cons of each as well as the rules for allowing the new wristbands. These lifesaving devices are a vital part of safety when it comes to working around and riding horses. Under the rule EV 113 for the — USEA the armbands must have medical history including history of head injury as well as drug allergies and current medications. If the rider chooses to wear a…

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