Best Pony Club Memories

Pony Club creates opportunities to make great memories every day. Whether your achieve a certification that you have worked tirelessly for, participated in your first rally, or made the trip to Lexington, Kentucky for Festival. Big or small, memories are made all the time. We reached out to you, and asked you what some of your favorite Pony Club memories have been.

“Going to my first rally as an adult stable manager, having no idea what to expect”

– Favorite memory response from Joan

The responses included first dressage rallies, first show jumping rallies, the 2016 international tetrathlon exchange in Ireland, and participating in a rally for the first time as an adult stable manager.

It is obvious that Pony Club has impacted our members, whether they are participating or graduates. Thank you all for sharing your memories, and we look forward to making more!

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