Annual Fund Inspiration: Elkridge-Harford Hunt Pony Club

Meet some of the donors who support the USPC Annual Fund, and find out why they give.

Who They Are: Elkridge-Harford Hunt Pony Club (EHHPC) is located in Monkton, Maryland. Originally founded in 1952 as the Harford County Branch of The British Pony Club, Elkridge-Harford is the oldest Pony Club in the US and currently has 31 members.

Donor Status: Elkridge-Harford has been an Annual Fund donor for 23 years, and currently $5 per member of their yearly dues is allocated to the Annual Fund.

Why They Give: “Supporting the USPC Annual Fund ensures that our members will continue to enjoy programs and learning opportunities that help develop our future leaders,” says District Commissioner (DC) Amanda Deveno.

Deveno, the current DC, is new to USPC but has a background in 4-H as a member and as a leader. Her daughter made the switch to Pony Club after the family moved to Maryland three years ago.  She understands the importance of youth development opportunities and the lasting positive impact they make. EHHPC has provided her daughter with a place to meet new friends, learn, and compete as an individual and as a team. Thanks to the amazing support that USPC supplies through their website, online training, outreach, and of course previous leaders, Deveno reports that the shift to a new organization was fairly seamless for both mother and daughter.

“Our club started factoring in $5 of our yearly registration dues to be allocated to the Annual Fund several years ago. It’s an easy way to give back to USPC for the support they provide our local clubs. In order to remain one of the leading youth development organizations, we feel the need to show support at the local level and the national level. We all play a part in the future that we pass down to our children. We look forward to continuing our support of the Annual Fund for years to come.”

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