Prepare for Your First Pony Club Meeting

You just joined Pony Club, and you are getting ready for your first meeting. Do you know the four most important things to bring with you? Check out the list below to make sure that you are fully prepared for your first meeting!

Essential Equipment

  • Helmet. Everyone should wear a helmet when riding or working around horses, and this is a requirement in Pony Club. Your riding helmet must be ASTM/SEI certified, which means that it meets the safety standards for horseback riding. It also needs to fit properly to keep you safe in an accident. This video has some helpful tips on helmet fit. Your Pony Club instructor can check to make sure your helmet is a good fit.

  • Boots or Appropriate Footwear. For mounted activities, footwear with a heel is required, such as traditional tall riding boots, short paddock boots or something similar. Unmounted activities around horses also require safe, sturdy footwear to protect your feet. Paddock boots, rubber riding boots, rain boots and western boots are some examples of appropriate footwear around the barn.
  • Medical Bracelet or Armband. During any Pony Club activity, a medical armband or bracelet is required. These items provide emergency contact information and important details that medical personnel might need.

  • Pony Club Pin. Welcome to Pony Club! When you join your local Pony Club, you also become part of a larger national organization: the United States Pony Clubs, Inc. Members wear their pin for Pony Club activities, and we encourage you to wear your pin and show off your Pony Club pride at any equestrian event.

Further Reading and Research
You can find more information about what to wear for riding and Pony Club activities in the USPC Horse Management Rulebook, available online for members, and theUSPC Manual of Horsemanship: Basics for Beginners  – D-Level  pg. 25-26 and pg. 298-306.

Safety is a top priority in Pony Club, and there are more resources to learn about safety equipment and other important ways to stay safe around horses on the Pony Club Safety page. 

More to Know Before You Go
As a Pony Club member, you’ll also want to make sure you are familiar with the USPC member code of conduct, which is all about good sportsmanship, horsemanship and teamwork. The code of conduct can be found on any USPC member application and applies to members and anyone participating in Pony Club activities.

Volunteers make Pony Club happen, and parent involvement at the local level is a big part of that. Even parents who don’t have horse experience can help! New Pony Club parents can find out more here on the Pony Club website.

Now that you are part of Pony Club, get ready to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about horses, with friends who are horse-crazy too. Your first Pony Club meeting is where it all begins!

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