Regional Youth Board Spotlight: Lake Shore Region

The Lake Shore Region Youth Board provides annual scholarships for the benefit of its members. The scholarships range from specific disciplines to camps offered by the Youth Board and region, as well as a specific scholarship for members aged 25 and above. During Festival years, scholarship funds are rearranged to offer multiple awards for Championships and Festival, both unmounted and mounted, which significantly reduce the cost of registration. Members can apply for multiple awards but may only receive one. All the scholarships are funded by the silent auction the the Youth Board runs at the regional Quiz rally in March. The baskets in the auction are entirely donated by clubs and individuals, making both the auction and the scholarships self-sustaining. The goal of providing this opportunity is to make the incredible experiences Pony Club has to offer more affordable for all members of Lake Shore Region so we continue to have enthusiastic participation at all levels.

The Application Process:

  1. Complete a Google Form with information such as:
    • Name
    • Club/Center
    • Years in Pony Club
    • If member is in college (Yes/No)
    • Events volunteered at in the last two years
    • Scholarships applying for
    • DC/CA & email
  2. Write a short essay for each scholarship explaining why the member wishes to receive it and why they would be a good recipient. This is sent to the Youth Board email. They are read and judged anonymously by an impartial adult.

Tips for Planning:

  1. Provide plenty of time for members to apply before the deadline
  2. Use an impartial adult judge to read the essays
  3. Apply codenames to the essays before sending them to the judge so there is no bias
  4. Set rules for the essays
    • Ex: no human or pony names allowed in the essay
  5. Give the judge plenty of time to read all essays
  6. Announce winners at least two weeks before the first scholarship event
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