Star Stable Saddles Up and Rides Into Tryon International Equestrian Center

By: Guest author Matilda Opalpie from the online horse adventure game Star Stable

Greetings (or as we say, “Hej”) from Stockholm, Sweden! My name is Matilda Opalpie. If you are a Star Stable player, you might know me for my iconic black hat and for awkwardly stumbling on words while trying to present all the latest news (and other fun stuff!) about the online game Star Stable! 

If somebody would have told me when I was a little horse-loving girl that I would be working for an amazing horse game one day, I would have thought they were pulling my leg. But here I am, ta daaa! And right now, my coworkers and I are planning our trip to the USPC Championships, July 24-28, 2019, at the Tryon International Equestrian Center. We are so excited to meet members of the Pony Club… and we’d love to meet YOU!

About the Game
One of the best things about Star Stable is that you start off by getting your own horse. Let me repeat: Your. Own. Horse! And not just any horse… you ride into the magical world of Jorvik on a Jorvegian warmblood. These horses are slick, elegant and the one horse that has a very special bond with your in-game character. SPOILER ALERT: Together, you will experience many great adventures, sprinkled with some magic. (Like, for real, there IS a magic side to Jorvik… you’ll find out!)

Currently, Star Stable is played in more than 180 countries and has almost 500,000 passionate players around the world every month. We are so happy and proud to have such a dedicated and fabulous community, sending us fan art (we feel the LOVE!) and creating amazing content about Star Stable. Some of the things that you can do playing Star Stable is compete in races and championships, join riding clubs and find a whole bunch of other horses (Connemara! Shires! Lusitanos! Etcetera! Gah!) all while interacting with users from around the world.

I think players discover Star Stable because we truly love horses, and they keep playing because they learn cooperation, problem-solving, self-expression AND to have fun. And most important, Star Stable wants you to be the best YOU can be. We want you to know how powerful, smart and capable you are!

Find us at Championship East in Cabin #14
I am so excited to bring Star Stable to Pony Club Championship East (It’s my first time in North Carolina!) You can find the team at Cabin #14 where we will not only have a digital lounge to recharge (for you and your device), but also games to play, a super fun interactive photo booth and plenty of cool things to give away. We are happy to talk to you about playing the Star Stable game, show you how to create and name your very own Star Stable horse and character, demonstrate how we work to make a game for horse-aficionados, or even discuss how to make a career in video game development. Just keep an eye out for the cabin with the pink and purple Star Stable flags outside. Come in and say hello — or “HEJ” — if you feel like greeting us in Swedish!

A Star Stable artist will be performing too!

Did you also know that one of Star Stable’s main characters has recorded real-life songs that you can find on Spotify and Apple Music? Star Stable character Lisa Peterson (a horse-rider from the great state of Texas) is voiced by Swedish singer and guitar player Amanda Örtenhag, who will even have the honour to sing the National Anthem at the opening ceremony of the Pony Club event. Amanda is the first artist signed at the company’s record label Star Stable Music, as Lisa Peterson’s voice. Fun fact! A snippet of Lisa’s first single titled ”I’ll Be There” was streamed 3 million times (!) when it was released as a sneak preview in December.

For the record: Amanda is excited to meet you too… I hope you can be there to help me cheer for her when she performs for you.

Battle of the Barns… guess who will emcee?! Could it be… me?!

Team Star Stable will be seen all around the Tryon Equestrian Center and throughout the Pony Club Championship, and here’s what makes me most excited: I’m going to be the emcee for the Battle of the Barns! This lip-synch event sounds like great fun, and I cannot wait to hear your song selections… and rumor has it there may be a costume or two? See you there!

Find me Online

If you want to connect with me before July, please find me on Instagram or check out Star Stable’s YouTube Channel (there are bloopers!). July 24 can’t get here fast enough, weeee!

~ Matilda

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