What’s in a Name?

Many Pony Club names are based on their location, whether it’s a city, state, geographic region, or something relevant to the local area. Others are sometimes creative or just plain fun! While looking at the list of Pony Club names, we spotted some interesting trends.

These clubs added a little extra flair from their locations:

  • Cantering Cajuns Pony Club (Deep South Region)
  • Desert Hooves Pony Club (Southwest Region)
  • Gulf Coast Gallopers Pony Club (Southwest Region)
  • Prairie Jumpers Pony Club (North Central Prairie Region)
  • Texas Outlaws Pony Club (Red River Region)

Oh the places you might find Pony Club! Such as the  Middle of Nowhere Pony Club (Big Sky Region), and always on the sunny side of life (Sunny Side Pony Club in the Midsouth Region), as well as northern points with Northernmost Pony Club ( Alaska Region), Northern Exposure (Western New York Region) and True North Pony Club Riding Center (Central New England), and all the way to the south, including Southern Run Pony Club (Deep South Region).

Some like it hot (Texas Heat Pony Club in the Rio Grande Region and Warm Beach Horsemanship Pony Club Riding Center in the Northwest Region), while other play it cool (Glacier Pony Club in the Big Sky Region and Snowy Peaks Pony Club in the Rocky Mountain Region).

Local wildlife may have inspired these club names:

  • Bear Valley Springs Pony Club (Camino Real Region)
  • Buffalo Jump Pony Club (Intermountain Region)
  • The Eagles Pony Club (Red River Region)
  • Gator Bayou Pony Club (Red River Region)
  • Raccoon Valley Pony Club (Midwest Region)

Foxhunting Inspired Names
In the early days of Pony Club, most clubs were connected with the local fox hunts. The club names often reflected that, and the tradition continues still today.

These include some of the oldest Pony Clubs: Deep Run Hunt Pony Club (Virginia Region), Elkridge-Harford Pony Club (formerly Elkridge-Harford Hunt Pony Club) in the Maryland Region, Norfolk Hunt Pony Club (Virginia Region), Radnor Hunt Pony Club (Eastern Pennsylvania Region), and Rolling Rock Hunt Pony Club (Tri-State Region) are some of the founding clubs from 1954 that are still around.

Millbrook Pony Club (originally named Millbrook Hunt Pony Club) in the New York/Upper Connecticut Region is also a founding club.

Pickering Hunt Pony Club (Eastern Pennsylvania) was formed later in 1954, while Spring Valley Hounds Pony Club (formed as Spring Valley Hunt Pony Club) in the New Jersey Region and Wayne-du Page Hunt Pony Club (North Central Prairie Region) were founded in1955.

A relatively new hunt-related and named club is The Arapahoe Hunt Pony Club (Rocky Mountain Region).

Other fun hunt-themed names include:

  • Fox and Hounds Pony Club (Delmarva Region)
  • Foxtale Farm Pony Club Riding Center (Western New York Region)
  • Hilltoppers Pony Club (South Region)
  • Horse and Hound Pony Club (Midwest Region)

Equestrian Inspired Names
Equestrian inspiration is everywhere in Pony Club, and this includes club and center names.

In the Hawaii Region, the name of Lio Lii Pony Club translates to “small horse,” while the name of Na Lio Kai Pony Club means “Hawaiian sea horse.”

Epona Pony Club (Northeast Region) takes its name from the Celtic horse goddess, Epona.

Big Bay Pony Club (Lake Shore Region) could be referring to a local body of water—or a tall, dark and handsome horse!

 Get ready to ride with these aptly-named clubs and centers: 

  • Eyes Up Equestrian Pony Club Riding Center (North Central Prairie Region)
  • Horse on Course Pony Club (Inland Empire Region)
  • In the Irons Pony Club (Middle California Region)
  • Jumps and Jodhpurs Pony Club (Oregon Region)
  • Leg Up Equestrian Team Pony Club Riding Center (Midsouth Region)
  • Pony Up Pony Club (Red River Region)
  • Pony Tail Acres Pony Club Riding Center (South Region)
  • Riders Unlimited Pony Club (Heartland Region)
  • Starting Gait Pony Club Riding Center (South Region)

You might want to trot down centerline with these Dressage-inspired names:

  • Even Tempo Pony Club (Red River Region)
  • Half-Halt Pony Club (Heartland Region)
  • Top Hat and Tails Pony Club (Northern Lakes Region)

Other Inspiration
Come fly with these Pony Clubs:

  • Take Flight Pony Club  (Middle California Region)
  • Takeoff Farm Pony Club Riding Center (Red River Region)
  • Pegasus Eventing Pony Club Riding Center (Red River Region)

You’re sure to find success with Blue Ribbon 1997 Pony Club Riding Center ( Southern California Region) and Good Choice Farm Pony Club Riding Center (Capital Region).

If you dream of horses and riding, Dream Big Pony Club (Great Lakes Region) and Dream Riders Pony Club (New Jersey Region) are the place to be!

Strike it rich with these silver and gold-themed names:

  • Gold Country Pony Club (Sierra Pacific Region)
  • Golden Hills Pony Club (Middle California Region)
  • Sierra Gold (Sierra Pacific Region)
  • Silver State Pony Club (Sierra Pacific Region)
  • Silver Springs Pony Club (Midwest Region)
  • Silver Snaffles Pony Club (Great Lakes Region)
  • Silver Stirrups Pony Club (Red River Region)

And of course, Forget Me Not Pony Club (White Mountain Region) reminds us that Pony Club memories and friendships last a lifetime.

To locate a Pony Club or Pony Club Riding Center near you, go to https://www.ponyclub.org/FindPonyClub/Map.aspx

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