Rider Athletic Camp at the US Olympic Center

Have you ever wanted to ride and train like an Olympian? Share in the Olympic experience this year! For the first time ever, the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and Coach Daniel Steward have gotten together to create equestrian athlete training camps for riders of any age, riding level, and discipline. The clinics are held at the US Olympic Training Centers in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Sarasota, Florida.

Most camps run Friday to Monday with a Friday night dinner and welcome reception. Tuition includes all meals in the athletes dinning hall and shared-accommodations in the athlete dorms from Friday night to Monday afternoon. Each day begins at 7AM with a mandatory team workout, breakfast, and briefing. Training sessions and workshops run until 5PM including a mandatory team lunch. Participants are free to rest or explore the Olympic Training Center until 6PM when we’ll meet for our team-dinner and daily recap/briefing. We end our day with an optional movie-night consisting of a series of motivational movies (except Monday)

Some of the workshops include:
Equestrian Mental Coaching
Daily mental coaching workshops focusing on building confidence, focus, willpower, optimism and resiliency using a series of equestrian-specific sport psychology tools that help riders overcome mental challenges such as fears, performance anxiety, doubt, perfectionism, and negative memories… all while discussing how to cope with pressure and recover after making mistakes.

Rider Strength & Conditioning
Daily strength and conditioning workshops and workouts in the Olympic fitness center and gym using equestrian-specific exercises, circuits, and bootcamps to improve stamina core-strength, balance, flexibility, posture, and independent-aids. Agility ladders, medicine balls, stability balls, battle ropes, balance-boards, cardio-equipment and more will be used to create these exercises.

Frame-by-Frame Video Analysis
Daily Frame-by-Frame biomechanic analysis of the flat and jumping positions will be offered. Each analysis will go beyond simply identifying imperfections and strengths, they’ll go to a deeper level to discuss the cause of each imperfection and strength. Once the cause is identified, the solution(s) will be discussed so that all attendees can apply it to their own riding.

Elite Athlete Nutrition – Daily workshops focusing on how to create the best diet to fuel your body

There are four more dates for you to choose from:

Sept 29 – 2 Colorado Springs CO
Oct 13 – 16 Colorado Springs CO
Nov 22 – 25 Sarasota / Bradenton FL
Dec 27 – 30 Sarasota / Bradenton FL

Pony Club membership is not required to attend the camp, but a scholarship is available for Pony Club members. Tuition includes room and Board as well as meals for $1,250. With the Pony Club scholarship members receive admission to the camp for $995.

For more information or to fill out an application visit the website HERE.

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