Annual Fund Inspiration: Northwest Region

Pony Club is appreciative of all who donate to the USPC Annual Fund. In 2020, 59% of our regions donated to the Annual Fund. Hear why the Northwest Region budgets support each year for the Annual Fund.

The Northwest Region

Who They Are: The Northwest Region encompasses the western part of Washington state, and currently has 26 clubs and two riding centers, and a total of 360 members. 

Donor Status: The Northwest Region has been a donor to the Annual Fund for 12 years. 

Annual regional dues are $45.

Why They Give: Julie Mowbray, current Regional Supervisor (RS) of the Northwest Region said of their contributions, “The Northwest Region always budgets $1,000 per year for the Annual Fund. As a regional leader I understand that the cost of providing services such as an interactive website, upper-level programs, activities, educational resources and staff to administer these programs and answer our questions costs more than what we bring in with membership dues. Without fundraising efforts, many non-profits must either cut programs or increase dues to keep programs running. The Northwest Region is proud to be part of these efforts with our annual contribution.”

Thanks to the Following Regions for Their Support:

Camino Real



Deep South 

Eastern Pennsylvania 

Great Lakes


Lake Shore 


Middle California 


New Jersey 

North Central Prairie 

Northern Lakes 




Rio Grande 

Rocky Mountain 


Southern California 




About the USPC Annual Fund
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How to Donate
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The United States Pony Clubs, Inc. is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization and as such is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions from donors as allowed by law to support the mission of the organization.

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