3 Questions with Connie

What makes Pony Club different from other organizations?  How are USPC members so conscientious of their equine partners?  Why are USPC members the “helpers” in the barn and always know how to handle equine situations?  The answer is USPC Horse Management and the education members receive to help them best care for their horses and ponies.  We all love USPC Instruction Director, Connie Jehlik, she has spent countless hours helping us better understand how to best care for our favorite pony friends. .

Good news, she is at it again with Festival Hangout’s 3 Questions with Connie!  Spend some virtual time with Connie in the barn as she focuses on the top 3 Horse Management questions she has encountered during rally season.  She has tips and tricks to help you lead your team (or your pony) to Horse Management domination with 3 common questions and what it takes to master these skills.


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