USPC Festival 2021 Success Prep Training

It’s your turn to hangout at USPC Festival Hangout – send in a video of you and your mount and a USPC National Examiner will send you a critique with helpful hints as you prepare for USPC Festival 2021.  For today and tomorrow only, all ages and levels are invited to send in a short clip demonstrating a riding skill you are practicing for USPC activities. Hoping to master the roll-back turn or the turn on the haunches, or maybe you really want to focus on picking up the correct lead?  No matter your goal or skill level, National Examiners are here to help you achieve and surpass your riding dreams.  Everything you need to know is here, and you can always visit the USPC website for more information too.  So dust off those cameras or dig out some of your favorite recent footage and send it in today.  All submissions must be sent July 18 or 19 only to

Dying to send in your riding videos but not sure what sort of skills you should highlight?  No problem, we have an entourage of industry leaders here to help!  Meet Sarah Shade, USPC graduate and current National Examiner as she shows us how to set a gymnastic exercise designed to help you and your horse.  Next we have advice from William Robertson, USPC graduate and USEF registered course designer (and YOUR USPC Festival 2021 course designer) as he explains how to set, measure, walk, and master lines in his course design video.  Also included is a course map from USPC Championships last year, now you can set and practice your own Championships level course at home and the course designer will even tell you how…

Last and certainly not least, we welcome Doug Payne, USPC graduate, Rolex competitor extraordinaire, and excellent horseman, as he demonstrates some of his favorite exercises and training skills from his home arena aboard one of his favorite mounts.  The sky is the limit today as you embark on your Pony Club journey with these amazing horsemen and women.  We can’t wait to see you in the saddle soon!

Want a printable version of the course map? Click here.