An Ode to Clive

Sometimes our membership shares wonderful stories. In this case its a poem written to a horse who greatly impacted many people. Read on about Clive aka Cruising Altitude who sadly crossed the rainbow bridge on July 6th.

Ode to Clive aka Cruising Altitude
July 21,1996-July 6,2017
I Had an Irish Horse

By Alecia Haselton

To all Irish horses wherever you be
You’re God’s gift to mankind
I’m so thankful for thee

To all Irish horses
The breed it is blessed (say “blest”)
They have a great heart
And their minds are the best

I look forward to Heaven
If ever I’m there
I’ll ride an Irish horse
It will be on thin air

The breed is quite noble
So fleet and wise
If you’re drinking, they’ll carry you
Bad riding they’ll disguise!

I had an Irish horse
For me, the finest in the land
He was proud, brave and fast
The best in the band

When at first sight, I loved him
He stood bay and tall
His bright blaze shined over
His arena and his stall

I rode him hunting and eventing tis true
He always took care of me
His demeanor never blue
And now my dear Clive, I bid you adieu-

It’s hard to measure
Their life versus ours
Theirs passes fleetly
Ours stays a longer course

We value them dearly
Those few precious years
When they give us their best
Bring us such joy and tears

A creature so large
Brings with it great emotion
Of unfathomable highs and lows
Of deserving devotion

I must stop this poem
I must ease my grieving
Writing soothes pain
Helps forget Clive’s leaving

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