Calling at Pony Club Quiz Kids (and Horsemasters). Did you know you could bring your horse for the education phase of Festival AND compete in Quiz.

Basic Info: Qualify at your Regional Rally and meet the following criteria

Junior D10-12 yrs. D-2 HM thru D-3 Trad
Senior D13-21 yrs.D-2 HM thru D-3 Trad
Junior C/H-B/B14 yrs or youngerC-1 HM & Up
Senior C/H-B/B15-21 yrs.C-1 HM & Up
B/H/H-A/A14-21 yrs.B HM & up
HorsemastersN/AD-2 HM & Up

Fine Print:
• Age as of January 1, 2017, certification as of closing date of qualifying rally. Entrant must have competed in the qualifying rally at the certification required for that division/discipline.
• All Championships Competitors must be in compliance with USPC Policy #1002, Member in Good Standing.
• B/H-A/A competitors are invited to compete with the permission of the RS