A promotional design for the Pony Club Podcast episode #11

Alyssa Sands, Pony Club Alum, Horse Management Judge, and National Office Staff

Listen to the new Pony Club Podcast cohosts, Sarah Evers Conrad (USPC Marketing and Communications Director) and Megan Scharfenberg (USPC Marketing and Instruction Coordinator) interview Alyssa Sands, who describes herself as a “horse nerd,” with an emphasis on the “nerd.” From not-so-great hunter princess, to USPC member, and now USPC Systems Administrator, Alyssa grew up with horses and has taken her love of technology and equines to places she never dreamed. She earned her C-2 HM and a C-2 in Eventing with Bluegrass Pony Club in the MidSouth region. She is currently a Provisional Horse Management Judge, and now part of the National Office staff.  This month’s episode is brought to you by Ohio University.

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