Festival is Coming! Questions for Quiz.

Calling at Pony Club Quiz Kids (and Horsemasters). Did you know you could bring your horse for the education phase of Festival AND compete in Quiz.

Basic Info: Qualify at your Regional Rally and meet the following criteria

Junior D10-12 yrs. D-2 HM thru D-3 Trad
Senior D13-21 yrs.D-2 HM thru D-3 Trad
Junior C/H-B/B14 yrs or youngerC-1 HM & Up
Senior C/H-B/B15-21 yrs.C-1 HM & Up
B/H/H-A/A14-21 yrs.B HM & up
HorsemastersN/AD-2 HM & Up

Fine Print:
• Age as of January 1, 2017, certification as of closing date of qualifying rally. Entrant must have competed in the qualifying rally at the certification required for that division/discipline.
• All Championships Competitors must be in compliance with USPC Policy #1002, Member in Good Standing.
• B/H-A/A competitors are invited to compete with the permission of the RS

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