USPC Annual Meeting Fun Round 2!

2016 USPC Annual Meeting Logo FINAL
The countdown is on. It’s less than a month until the USPC Annual Meeting and Symposium in sunny Orlando, Florida. The National Office staff is excited. We hope you are too! There will be lots of informational meetings, seminars and workshops. Top presenters will be in attendance. It is the place to be February 4-7. (Registration closes at 12:00PM EST on January 18th!!) Here’s what you need to know about some of the incredible offerings.

Are you a seminar junkie? Below are just a few of the (over 50) possible seminars that will be offered at the USPC Annual Meeting and Symposium.
AM 15 4
Anatomy of the Lower Leg– Presenter Dawn McLane, DVM will take an in depth look at the soft tissue and bony structure of the equine lower limbs and how they function during exercise.

Getting a Read on Your Horse– What is your horse reading from other horses? From humans? Allison Thurston will be explaining reading a horses expressions, gestures, and postures can help owners understand personality. Come learn the horse-eye view of the world!
AM 15 3
Horsemasters- Now What?– This workshop, presented by Bridget Bryson creates an update to the status of Horsemasters in Pony Club today. Its a great time for sharing for current Horsemasters members! Members will be encouraged to share perspectives and ideas!

How to Make your Club or Center GREAT!– This panel discussion will include some of the Plus One Challenge winners from 2015. They will share the “secrets” to their success and plans for continuing enthusiasm in the coming year. Find out what can be done locally to build bridges to other organizations in ways that will enhance every member’s experience.

Organizing a Polocrosse Rally– This workshop will cover the details of organizing a Polocrosse rally, from creating the invitation and hiring officials, to marking the field and day of rally logistics. Hosted by Kathy Barker and Susan Poulton!

Riding Test Expectations and Explanation of Terms C-3 to A Certifications– Terri Rocovich and Asia Thayer will help members build a better understanding of the terms in each standard’s “riding test expectations”. They will be using audience interactive activities, pictures and video to help explain what examiners are looking for.
AM 15 2
Staying Smart and Becoming Smarter– The brain is a hot topic of research around the world. Ray Burek, Managing Director of Charles Owen & Co. will help members learn what scientist have discovered about helmet design and brain injury. You might even leave this workshop with a few tricks on how to get your brain working better!

The 5 W’s of Willpower- Rider Sport Psychology– Ever popular Daniel Stewart is back to help riders learn to handle stressful and unpredictable events. Let this humorous and upbeat workshop improve your confidence, success, focus, and enjoyment by teaching you to control pressure, stress, and horse show jitters.

These are only a few of the amazing seminars available at the upcoming USPC Annual Meeting and Symposium. The Sunshine Region is proud to invite Pony Club members to enjoy Orlando. Not only is Pony Club taking over, but there are tons of fun things to do in the area! For more information go to the Annual Meeting page found HERE! Not a Pony Club member? Thats ok! We have day passes and non-member registrations too! Those can be found HERE.