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    Instruction Resources for USPC Leaders

    Pony Club leaders and instructors are essential in guiding members through Pony Club’s education. To help you and your members succeed, the USPC website has a helpful selection of resources you can use to teach the Pony Club curriculum and share with your members. Here is a guide to some of the reference materials, lesson plans and other instruction information you’ll find on the USPC website. When logged into the USPC website, go to the Instruction header and begin with the Instruction Resources page. Take some time to review the many instruction resources on this page. The quick links on the far-left side of the screen will take you to key…

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    Cross Country Speeds and Timing

    Time is both important and unimportant to a rider on cross-country. For an event rider, knowing speeds and time in your head can be the difference in mere seconds. At the lower levels, time is one of the least important parts of the round, as the rider should be trying to be in control and safe. At the top levels, time is of the utmost importance as it can mean moving up or down in placings. The good news is this is something that can be explained and taught. If a rider practices this enough, eventually they can develop a “clock in their head”. This will help them at all…

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    The USPC Badge Program

    Recently published in the USPC News Magazine Winter 2016 issue, this article is meant to be a primer for the popular Pony Club Badge Program. For more information and questions email mandy@ponyclub.org Lots of clubs and centers have embraced the Achievement Badge Program offered through Pony Club. For those who have yet to discover this excellent program this will be a primer to introduce you to the idea. The program is designed to be an introduction to Pony Club education. The lessons are all geared towards the entry level Pony Club member. They are presented in order of succession for skills that need to be learned or built upon. There…

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    Airs Above Ground- The Flying Change

    It is a movement every rider who jumps or does top level dressage wants to achieve. It is also one of the toughest things to train a horse. It is… The Flying Change! The dictionary defines a flying change as a movement where the leading leg is changed in the air without breaking gait. This movement is used across the board from racing, to dressage, eventing, hunters, jumpers, reining, polo, and so on. Horses who perform this movement in competition use it to show collection, precision, balance, and obedience. It is important to note, a flying change should not be trained too early in your training. Your horse must have…

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    Earning School Credit for being in USPC

    Early mornings, late nights, and long days at rallies and ratings, and I bet you never realized all of your hard work in Pony Club could pay off big time at school. Yes, school! You could potentially receive recognition by your athletic department or even a P.E credit for your involvement in the United States Pony Club. We have been able to put together a document that has some helpful tips and instructions on how to work with your High School to get them to recognize your riding activities and possibly earn credit. Earning Credits for Riding while in High School Pony Club is a wonderful educational organization and many…

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