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Grooming Expert Cat Hill and Julia Magsam, one of the stars of the USPC Documentary

Pony Club Podcast cohosts Sarah Evers Conrad and Megan Scharfenberg interview grooming expert Cat Hill, the cofounder and former DC of Finger Lakes Pony Club. After that interview, be inspired by Julia Magsam’s journey as a youth through Pony Club. This month’s episode is brought to you by Delaware Valley University. 

Guest, Cat Hill: The former District Commissioner of Finger Lakes Pony Club and the owner of World Class Grooming with Emma Ford, a former member of The Pony Club in the U.K., talks grooming tips; her recent book called The Kid’s Guide to Horsemanship and Grooming, published by USPC partner Trafalgar Square Books (

Guest Julia Magsam, H-B HM, C-3 in Dressage, and a C-1 in Eventing, is a member of Bluegrass Pony Club in the Midsouth Region and was one of the stars of the Pony Club documentary. She is also the recipient of the 2022 USPC Bodgie Read Memorial Scholarship, and is in college at Georgetown College.

Hosts: Sarah Evers Conrad is the Marketing and Communication Director at the United States Pony Clubs, and Megan Scharfenberg is the USPC Marketing and Instruction Coordinator

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