Alumni in the News- Susan Rubin

USPC is proud of our Alumni. In this new series we will be highlighting some Alumni who have been successful after they have graduated from Pony Club. Do you know an Alumni who should be highlighted? Submit ideas to!

Susan Rubin is a C-1 graduate of Bridlewild Pony Club in the Eastern Pennsylvania Region. She graduated from Southern Seminary College. Currently she works with an animal rescue in her area.

Alumni Susan Rubin
What drew you to your current profession?
The love of animals

What skill learned in Pony Club helped you with your chosen field?
The interaction with people. I was gregarious when I was younger. Going to rallies helped me learn to win and loose and taught me how to be humble.

What event in your Pony Club experience brought that skill home to you?
Rallies, we had to be chosen to make the rally team. I was proud when I made the team.

What other skills did you learn in Pony Club that are useful to you as an adult?
My Social skills, interacting with people and animals.

Can you share a fun memory of your Pony Club days?
There’s a lot of them. I remember we would be preparing to go to a rally, cleaning tack, braiding, getting everything ready. Some of us would go to the hayloft and we would take a nap up there. We were all so tired, yet so excited we didn’t want to go home.

I really loved the unmounted meetings with Eileen (Kirby, current VRS Delmarva) and learned so much.

If you had one thing to choose not to miss experiencing in Pony Club, what would it be?
It would be the unmounted meetings, and all we learned about horsemanship. The friendships I still have after all these years. I also enjoyed the tests, that’s how I learned so much about horses.

Are you still active with horses, if so, how does this affect your life?
I still am. I support Thorncroft Therapeutic Horseback Riding Center. Also, I find joy in having the others learn and love the Pony Club experience. Relationships with people and horses are amazing.

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