Alumni in the News- Emma Deane

USPC is proud of our Alumni. In this new series we will be highlighting some Alumni who have been successful after they have graduated from Pony Club. Do you know an Alumni who should be highlighted? Submit ideas to!

Emma Deane is an H-A graduate of Moon Valley Pony Club in the Middle California Region. Her degrees include a Bachelor of Science in Physiology from UCLA and her DVM from UC Davis. She is currently an Equine Veterinarian.
Alumni Emma Deane1
What drew you to your current profession?
My experiences in Pony Club, years riding and enjoyment being around and working with horses, and my interest in the sciences.

What skill learned in Pony Club helped you with your chosen field?
Working as a team, dedication, patience, responsibility.

What event in your Pony Club experience brought that skill home to you?
Rally’s in general and games championships.

Is there a specific project or incident where this skill helped you at work?
Everyday…working with an owner of a horse as a team to come up with the best care and treatment for the horse. Working with colleagues on cases.

What other skills did you learn in Pony Club that are useful to you as an adult?
Time management, record keeping, and teamwork skills.

Can you share a fun memory of your Pony Club days?
Hours of games practice…need I say more.

What would you like to tell active Pony Club members to encourage them to look at your chosen field? What can they do now to prepare for that field?
Get as much experience as they can, ask the vet and farrier questions when they are at the barn and treating or shoeing your horse. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and work hard in school…it will pay off!

If you had one thing to choose not to miss experiencing in Pony Club, what would it be?
Competing on a team at a rally and expanding your horizons to other events such as games and tetrathalon…the friends you make throughout PC will be friends for life no matter what direction life takes you.