Involving Members in Your Programming

Is your club, center or region having difficulty engaging members as they get older and/or progress through the certification levels? Would you like some ideas on how to engage them?

A survey was conducted recently by the United States Pony Club Membership Committee. The Survey was sent to all Pony Club members 14 years of age and/or C-2 and up. Members were asked in what ways their club, center and/or region utilized them as volunteers, mentors, instructors or otherwise. This survey was an attempt to ascertain the best practices currently used throughout USPC to engage older/upper level members as leaders. Below are the main responses shared by survey respondents.
EBTH article
At the Club Level upper/older members were used to
• mentor younger/newer members
• conduct lower level safety checks
• conduct safety checks for their peers
• perform D level ratings
• serve as Team Captain at Rallies
• teach unmounted Pony Club lessons.

At the regional level upper/older members were used
• by other clubs for all of the above
• to help at USPC camps
• as members on Regional Youth Board.

Among the respondents, there was a varied level of satisfaction with the amount members were being engaged from very satisfied to not being utilized at all.

If you have any questions or are interested in serving on the Membership Committee, please feel free to contact the Membership Committee Chair.