A young girl and her horse standing at a horse trailer, holding a blue ribbon and smiling at the camera.

Member Spotlight: Amelia Avery

Age: 15

Club/Region: Forget Me Not Pony Club/White Mountain Region

Years in Pony Club: 6

Current Certification (and/or certification currently working on): C-2 Horse Management, C-2 Eventing, working on my H-B

What disciplines and/or activities are you involved in?
Eventing, Dressage, Show Jumping, Foxhunting, Mounted Games, Tetrathlon, Horse Management, and Quiz

If you could try out any other discipline or activity, what would it be and why?
I would try Polocrosse. It looks like fun!

A young girl riding her pony, reaching down to pick up a cone.
Amelia Avery and her pony Scooter, who is a 25-year-old gray Welsh Pony.
Photo courtesy Julia Tallman

Tell us about your current mount(s) and what you do with them:
I have two partners, Scooter and Vigo. Vigo is a 20-year-old black Dutch Warmblood who I event at the Novice level. We have been together for four years, and we have been Eventing for three summers. We are planning to go Training level together. Scooter is a 25-year-old gray Welsh Pony. We have been together for almost six years. He was the naughty pony that taught me everything. Now we do Mounted Games together, and we went to USPC Championships East this year for Mounted Games!

Tell us about your goals (with Pony Club, with riding, and with life):
Riding and Pony Club are my life. I hope to be an A-certified Pony Club member, an upper-level Eventer, and have a career with horses.

What is your favorite thing about Pony Club?
My favorite thing about Pony Club is meeting new people who love horses.

What is one thing you would tell younger members first joining Pony Club?
Pony Club is a great way to learn how to be independent.

A ground of individuals on their horses, standing and smiling at the camera.
Amelia and her pony, Scooter, joined the team Purple People Eaters for the EEI Mounted Games Invitational, which was held in April 2023 during the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Ky.
Photo by Sarah Evers Conrad/United States Pony Clubs

What is your favorite way to prep for a Horse Management certification?
Prepping with other people, asking each other questions from the HM sheet, and using the flash cards.

Favorite Pony Club memory:
My favorite Pony Club memory is jumping on our feet like horses after Horse Management meetings.

What makes you #PonyClubProud?
I went to a non-Pony Club horse camp and realized how much more knowledgeable I am because of Pony Club.

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