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How to Fold a Horse Blanket

By Cat Hill & Emma Ford / Special Excerpt from The Kid’s Guide to Horsemanship and Grooming

Barn chores are an important but often tedious part of owning and riding horses! It is important that we remember that without our care, the ponies cannot stay healthy and happy. All barns should be kept as tidy as possible for both the horses’ safety and your own.

How to Fold a Horse Blanket

Folding blankets to keep them off the floor is ideal to keep aisles clear of clutter. You decide which is tidier.  

The easiest way to fold light sheets and blankets is to find a swept area of the barn where you can fold the blanket on the ground.

girl folding horse blanket

Holding the blanket at the top of the neck, then at the top of the tail end, fold the blanket in half.

Now take the neck end and fold toward the tail.

Think about a burrito and how it gets folded in thirds. Take the bottom edge of the blanket and fold to the center.

Any straps can be slipped inside the blanket.

Now repeat the fold, this time with the opposite side of the blanket.

Pick up the bundle in the center. Place the open tail end over the blanket bar.

This is an excerpt from the book The Kid’s Guide to Horsemanship and Grooming by Cat Hill and Emma Ford, published by Trafalgar Square Books / When you shop from HERE, Pony Club receives a 15% commission on all you buy. Also of note, all of the youth featured in the book’s photography are Pony Club members.

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