Tales from Blackhawk Pony Club

Blackhawk Pony Club DC, Marlie Nauta, sent in a Flash Award submission for 2016 citing the wonderful teamwork her club displays in all aspects of their operation. Read her submission below:

What an awesome club we have! Our Blackhawk Pony Club teams up our members, parents, and officers so we always provide the best for our members. They also reach out to help clubs within our region. 2016 was marked by some quick moves by our collective group of happy helpers!
Our May testing was full of great success for riders and members, enhanced by our moms and dads pulling together to provide awesome nutrition and refreshments! Many volunteers were “all hands-on deck” as the DC was out of the country and we went between farms to allow each member to test in the best environment. Despite snow flurries in May(!), our parents kept the day running smoothly with full tummies and smiles on all their faces!
Sometimes I wonder how it always comes together! Let’s look at our Pick Your Ride Rally for 2016.

Our lunch plans and providers had some challenges and had to cancel their services at the last minute. This was an added obstacle at our regional rally, yet BHPC families defied this hurdle and grabbed it as an opportunity. In the traditional Blackhawk Pony Club manner, our families delivered meals for the whole event, with smiles and laughter.

This rally, Pick Your Ride, is a pivotal example of our consistent team work. Despite not planning to attend at all, one mom cleared her calendar to be the official runner, to and fro, with pizza, desserts, ice, fruits, veggies and fun snacks.

We even had a dad perform an “experiment” at home to determine how much meat was needed for each walking taco! We had Amazon orders for our Fritos! It was a prime experience, to say the least.

With our well-dressed moms sporting Christmas aprons as they served the hungry bunch, they fought off the bees and smiled as they often rushed off to catch only a glimpse of their child’s ride.

The “camel” for the meal crew, aka, the dad and muscles, kept track of the money, the hauling, and the logistics of how to create a successful meal venue.

Again, unplanned and a last-minute effort to provide food for over 80 people, on time, hot and tasty, was a great success. Literally, in a “FLASH”, with very little time to plan, delegate and prep, Blackhawk Pony Club members, officers and families met the challenge in a very satisfying way.
We had so many compliments such as “best lunches ever”! The appreciation for our food services was overwhelming!

Our team of mounted, unmounted, HM, officers, drivers, parents, cooks and even friends of BHPC members truly rallied at the rallies, testing, meetings and other PC events. It is the tradition of Blackhawk Pony Club to ensure that every participant had a positive experience while learning, riding, staying healthy, nourished and full of sweetness!

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