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Let’s Not Get Tacky – The Noseband Edition

Let’s Not Get Tacky – The Noseband Edition

Cavesson A cavesson noseband is a single piece of leather that fastens above the bit around the horse’s nose. This noseband should rest one or two adult-sized fingers below the horse’s cheekbones. It goes inside the cheekpiece, next to the horse’s face. It should be snug but never uncomfortably tight. You should be able to […]

No Bits About It – Common (and not so common) Bits and Their Actions

Snaffle Bit A Snaffle Bit has two rings (one on each end) and a mouthpiece, which is usually jointed and made of smooth metal, nylon, plastic, or rubber. (Rough, sharp, or twisted wire mouthpieces are discouraged for Pony Club riding.) Snaffle bits work by direct pressure. This means 1 ounce of pressure on the reins […]

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