Heading for a Turnout Inspection.
LESSON TOPIC: what students will expect at a turnout at a rally or a testing.
OBJECTIVE OF LESSON: to prepare students for turnout at a rally or certification
HOW WILL THE LESSON BE EXPLAINED: use HM rulebook (formals sheets), use test sheet for specific certification, and manuals.
HOW WILL THE LESSON BE DEMONSTRATED: For each level D1-D3 or C1 different clothing for each level that’s formal/informal, tack, live horse, what is correct or incorrect.
HOW WILL STUDENTS APPLY AND PRACTICE WHAT THEY HAVE LEARNED IN THIS LESSON: Use live items at each level being taught, what is formal/informal (as it relates to dress), in addition to what is acceptable or not acceptable for a sport or at the level being taught.
HOW WILL THE LESSON BE REVIEWED AND WRAPPED UP: Test students with the above activity, let them take it home if possible (if they have dressed a paper doll as an example) from items found in a catalog. It can be adjusted as needed for age and/or rating.

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