A Horse Management Judge performs a Safety Check during a Turnout Inspection.

LESSON TOPIC: Safety check of horse and rider prior to mounting
OBJECTIVE OF LESON: To check the safety of the tack on the mount, in addition to how the rider is presented, prior to mounting and riding.
HOW WILL THE LESSON BE EXPLAINED: Starting with the head of the horse, move down one side, then around to the other side of horse (does not matter if it is the near or off side of horse). In addition to the rider, what is safe, or needs to be adjusted, to include how’s and whys.
HOW WILL THE LESSON BE DEMONSTRATED: Have a horse and rider tacked, so that the instructor can present information, (include a handout), follow plan to work safely around the horse, what areas to check, and why.
HOW WILL STUDENTS APPLY AND PRACTICE WHAT THEY HAVE LEARNED IN THIS LESSON: Students can use a handout (pictures to have students find what is safe or not), have a discussion on how to fix the problems. Use live horse if needed.
HOW WILL THE LESSON BE REVIEWED AND WRAPPED UP: Brief overview of what will be checked, how and why on pony, as well as rider (and why). But have a handout that can go home with the student

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