Alamo Pony Club is the oldest club in the Rio Grande Region. They have a steady membership of about 15 members. Carrie Itschner has been the DC for almost 30 years. Her daughters, Chrissie (Grad C3) and Catie (Grad C3) help her at her barn and with the club. The young women also serve as joint HMOs for the region. This family lives and breathes Pony Club, so they were naturals to ask about how Alamo gets their paperwork done on time and in such an orderly fashion.

Alamo meets year round, with the exception of the summer months(most are on vacations,etc.), but a bunch of the kids do Catie’s summer camps and if they are ready at that time we certify them during the summer. We just don’t do the standard Saturday meetings during the hottest months.

What I am getting at is that our parents realize the value they are getting from their PC dollars.

When we restart on standard schedule, we meet every Saturday and alternate mounted and dismounted meetings.

I set the Annual Sponsor’s Meeting for the 1st Saturday in September after the Labor Day Holiday. Everyone is aware early in August (30 day+ notification) and starts getting PC back on their calendars. Our nominating committee makes their call around, we find out:

If the member plans to rejoin
Will they be attending the Sponsor’s Meeting
Would they like to be considered for a club officer position
What committees do they want to be on(everyone is assigned!)
Do they have anything to add to the agenda for group discussion
And, is there anything else they would like to discuss pro/con with the way our club is functioning

At our Sponsor’s Meeting, parents are informed of what dues are for Natl., Regional, and the Club.

We split payments, collecting Natl. and Regional dues first, by the 1st of Oct. Those are paid in with the packet to Natl. Then I pay Regional dues at the DC meeting.

Club dues ($50.00) are collected at our Christmas Party, usually the 1st weekend in Dec. Of the $50.00 club dues, $25.00 is a subsidy to be used for a clinic, rally, barn fair, or whatever that they want to attend. Most of ours used their subsidy at the Teaching Day at Coyote Springs last winter. If the subsidy is not used, it is absorbed by the club to be utilized for equipment, rally items,etc., still used for the members!

So, I guess the reason we do well with the program, is because of the transparency of the inner workings/ administration of the club,and because our emphasis is on the children. We believe that all children achieve their riding goals as they mature, not all at the same time usually, but certainly in their own time and way. We are here to help them attain those goals and cheer them on when they do!

Alamo Pony Club/District Commissioner