Well, it is almost time to head to Guadalajara for the Eventing portion of the 2011 Pan American Games. I feel very luck to be a member of the Ground Jury, along with Janine Rohr from Argentina, Alain James from France and TD Andre Paro of Brazil.

I was in Guadalajara for the test event in June and the facility, while unfinished at that time, was amazing. The course being designed by John Williams uses galloping lanes designed like the fairways of this golf course that surround the course. Two of the fairways will be incorporated into the course. The view from any place on the course allows you to see most of the fences. I can’t wait to see what it looks like with grass everywhere, now that they have been through their rainy season.

I hope to be able to do some rider interviews and bring you close-ups of some of the fences.

Stay tuned!